About Me

Greetings, my name is Victoria C. Chapman and welcome to my website that is all about movies. I know you might be asking why did I start this movie blog at this point in time – well, why not? I love movies and watching movie is my life. I love watching them on any platform – whether its on Netflix, HBO, Amazon or even on streaming websites.

Before I started this website, I was running a small print mag in our town and it was all about movies, it was published every two weeks and that is where I really started to write about the movies I like. Most of the time I do reviews and one time even got so many hate mail because I reviewed a popular blockbuster movie and gave it a bad rating, but I stood by my score and people eventually respected that.

So here I am now in the digital age, now running a movie website – I hope you all like it around here so feel free to go around. You won’t regret it!