Movie Trailers: Why They’re So Important In Marketing

What makes you decide to watch a movie? What do you usually look for to consider yourself willing to pay for that movie? There will be times wherein you find a certain clip randomly and it piques your interest and you decide that you want to watch that certain movie.

One of the most important parts of the movie outside of the actual movie is its movie trailers. This is how to get your audience excited and allow them to buy into the movie. This will be the key for your audience or to convince them if they want to spend their money on a movie or not. It is rather plain and simple. For those wondering how important it is, then you should understand the value of a teaser in any aspect of our lives.

Some trailers work magic. It might be clips from an actual movie or different cameos that were made into a trailer. Either way, this is how you give them a sneak peek on what to expect. Of course, it will not give you any specifics about the storyline but it would give you something to think about. The purpose of a trailer is to give you something to be interested in.

Why are they so short? The essence of sharing a longer trailer will definite it’s marketing purpose. It needs to be at a certain length to avoid overspending on it in editing and airtime. There will always be different ways on how to do your marketing but you can never market a movie without a trailer. If your trailer is out, then it will be easy for everyone to see what you are selling.

For you to value a certain movie, you have to ensure that you can sell that movie. Your trailer is your menu. If it is up to the taste of a certain viewer, then he or she will be spending money on it. If it is not, then he or she will look for other movies to watch. This is the same reason why some of the best and interesting parts are being displayed on the trailer. It gets you excited and you get to watch that on the big screen with the complete scene. Some trailers would give you a little bit of something and you would want to watch the movie just to know what happened.

Are There Any More Harry Potter Movies Coming Out?

With lots of movie sequels that people have watched, it is no doubt that one of their favorites is the “Harry Potter” series. This is not just about the story but also the characters that play their roles well. You will see how the characters have grown from the first episode up to the last one. This is not only appealing to kids who love magic spells and one-of-a-kind creatures but to anyone who enjoys sorcery, adventure, mystery, and even comedy. You will surely never get bored when watching the movie which is perfect for the whole family.

Are You Excited for the Latest Movie of Harry?

Despite the series of the movie, it feels like you still want more of the story. A lot of fans still wait for more Potter movies and learn additional incantations and more adventure. The effects of the movie as well as their costumes also add excitement to the scene. Viewers always feel amazed and wonder how they have come up to such beautiful effects and make it look realistic. Fans show their support to the movie not only by watching all the series but also by mimicking the looks of the characters, buying products like t-shirts, books, and toys of the movie, or memorizing magic spells. This is how influential the Potter series is.

The good news about Harry Potter movies is that fans can expect new series coming soon. In fact, the three main characters, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint will be there seeing them in their adult mode. They have reported that the next movie will be based on the theater version of the film that became a huge hit. It is then expected that the next movie will also be a boom just like the first series.

Some Harry Potter fans enjoyed the movies more compared to its book version. They can see how the magic spells work as well as the growth of the actors. It seems that missing a single episode can make you feel complete. But there is nothing for you to worry about missing the movie on cinemas because you can still watch it online. In fact, watching the movie at home gives you convenience. You can enjoy and understand the movie better because you can focus on every scene. There will be no distraction so you won’t feel confuse on the flow of the story.

The Long, Sordid History of 123 Movies

123movies is a Vietnam-based file-sharing site long-legally embattled due to their mission of offering free, high-quality videos for the public tired of being ripped off by big-name studios. The site has undergone multiple domain name changes, amongst the ranks 123 movies, GoStream, and GoMovies, and was entitled “the world’s most popular illegal site” by the Motion Picture Association of America – after which it was shut down by Vietnamese authorities.

In The Beginning

123movies was first launched in 2015 under the original URL Since then, it has changed names and URLs several times in its bid to stay operative. In 2016, Business Insider ran a report on, stating that it was “the most-used pirate website” in the UK.

In March of 2017, the U.S. ambassador to Vietnam met the local Minister of Information and Communications to discuss shuttering the illegal movie sites operating out of Vietnam – name-dropping 123movies in the process. By March of 2018, after achieving a global user network of nearly 98 visitors monthly, the website was shut down due to mounting investigations and pressure from multiple governments. All that was left of the site was a note on their homepage: “Respect filmmakers by paying for movies and TV-shows.”

And Then…

In October 2018, the Motion Picture Association of America reported to the United States Trade Representative that following the closure of 123movies and its offshoot sites, numerous copycat sites – some with similar domain names – were cropping up in at least eight countries to fill the void. As of 2020, 123movies is now operating via multiple clone sites to allow users the change to watch their favorite movies and tv shows – until it gets shut down again. 123movies is a website with a history of being under siege in multiple countries – but that has not stopped them from finding new alternatives to continue their mission of file-sharing for the common good of free public entertainment. Whether or not that battle has been worth it is up to the website owners…and all of the hard-working, other-wise honest people who need a Friday night at home in front of their TV.

Who Has Won The Most Best Actor Oscars?

Among the most notable awards to be given by the Academy Awards are the Best Actress and the best actor awards. These awards have been presented since the beginning of the Academy. They are given to actors and actresses in recognition of their stellar performances in their respective movies. These are not the only awards specifically for actors. There is also the awards for best supporting actress and best supporting actor.

An actor or actress can be nominated several times over for these awards. The only restriction is that actors and actresses cannot receive multiple nominations for the same performance, which happened to Barry Fitzgerald, who won both the best actor and the best supporting actor awards for the movie Going My Way. Current rules dictate that if you are nominated in the best actor or actress category, you cannot be nominated for the best supporting actor or actress category.

This does not mean actors and actresses cannot win multiple awards. Most performers compete in the best actor or actress category and then compete in the best supporting actor or actress category in the succeeding year. Several actors and actresses have been nominated in this manner. They alternate their nominations every year.

Others partake in several different movie productions that will be released in the same year, making them eligible for multiple nominations, granted that their nominations come from various bodies of work.

Further, there are very few others who take up different roles in the film. For example, some actors or actresses are also directors or producers of their respective films. For the same performance, they can be nominated for both best actor award and best director or best producer award.  

There are many different ways to get multiple nominations, and performers have done them all.   

Who won the most?

As of the 2020 count, there are 43 actors and actresses who have won multiple academy awards for acting. The undisputed leader who won four Best Actress awards is none other than Katharine Hepburn. Following her are five veteran actors Daniel Day-Lewis, Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Ingrid Bergman, and Walter Brennan. Daniel Day Lewis won three Best Actor awards, while Streep, Nicholson, and Bergman won two best actor/actress awards and one best supporting actor/actress award each. Brennan wi three best supporting actor awards.

It was Brennan who received multiple awards first. He was then followed by Hepburn, Bergman, Nicholson, Streep, and Day-Lewis, respectively.

Why Comedies Have Become So Explicit These Days

One of the most effective and affordable ways to ease your loneliness is to watch comedy films. This can make you laugh during tough times helping you alleviate the sadness you feel. In fact, you can enjoy watching these movies with the whole family during the weekends and laugh together. No wonder why comedy films are always in demand because it can be a great stress reliever. In this genre of movie, the main element to make it successful is the humor. You should not make the scenes complicated because this will only lead to confusion thus making it hard for the audience to understand what you’re trying to tell them.

Is a Comedy Film Effective Even If It Is Explicit

One way for you to make comedies appealing to the crowd is making it explicit. Comedy films aim to make the audience laugh hard. But how can you possibly make it happen if it is hard for them to understand the joke or the scene? In this case, it is better that the jokes are obvious or plain that even kids could understand. As long as the jokes are new and funny, then for sure, the movie can already be very entertaining.

Comedy is considered to be one of the oldest genres of movies. Even if the characters don’t speak it can already make the people laugh. In comedies, there are different subgenres that include comedy of manners, slapstick, fish out of water, parody, anarchic comedy, black comedy, gross out, and screwball comedy.

Comedy can also be mixed with other types of genre to come up with an action-comedy, adventure-comedy, comedy-horror, comedy-thriller, fantasy-comedy, science fiction comedy, and romantic-comedy. With these combinations, for sure people who will watch the movie surely enjoy their time. The good thing is that you can watch the movies as many times as you want to by looking for a trusted movie site. You don’t even have to pay for these movies which can be advantageous to those who can hardly spend money on movie tickets. So, if ever that you feel alone at home or bored, then you can search for comedy films online. You can have a wide selection of films from the past up to present. You can watch these movies in good quality and enjoy it at home with your family and friends. The simplicity of comedy films is important if you want your audience to understand it easily.

Why “Free Movie Sites” Keep Changing Sites And Domains

One of the reasons why online movie sites are very popular is because they are for free. People love freebies. They get enticed with something ‘free’ since almost everything here on earth has its own price tag.

There is a lot  more to learn from online movie sites like 123movies old version. There are old and new versions of sites. These sites are constantly changing, upgrading and evolving to benefit its audiences. They come up with something new not only with their list of movies, but the site itself.

One of the things to learn about online movie sites is about their domain. In most cases, these sites and domains change on a regular basis. The question is, why change? Here are some of the good reasons why these sites and domains change:

1) One reason is that site owners change. Maybe one owner sold it to the other and the new owner decides to change the site and domain. This is called a ‘domain transfer.’

2) There are instances that site owners just want to change the name just because they found a better name for it. It will be up to the owner if he decides to change or not.

3) A temporary domain name can be changed to a permanent one.

4) There are sites that want to change from their present .com to others like .org or .info. The .com is recommended for commercial sites and if you want to change the status of your site, then you can go ahead and change the .com.

5) There are instances that sites have similar names with other sites, but features two different things. To stay away from confusion and lose customers, it is best to change the site name.

Sites like 123movies old version have their latest versions. This means that there are more features and upgrades in order to meet the needs of people.

The process of changing sites and domains will not sacrifice the site’s status or SEO quality. The only change it will get is the name and not what it contains.

Mentioned are some of the reasons why sites and domain names change. Whatever reason or purpose that site owners may have, bottom line is that all they want is to cater to the ever-changing needs of their customers, period. This allows them to be better at their craft that many can enjoy.

Who Owns Columbia Pictures Now?

Movies are something that we all get to enjoy. Most of us, if not all, enjoy watching movies to a certain degree. We love to watch movies for many different reasons. However, the best reason for it all is to just enjoy the show.

There are a lot of movie companies out there that produce the best movies. Ever get that feeling of excitement when you see a major movie company releases a new movie? Why do you feel excited? Well, simply because you know it is going to be a good movie to watch. There are specific companies or even directors that are categories by the movie that they basically represent. Each company has its own reputation to uphold and are known for their own specifics.

Take for example, if you see a trailer and you see Columbia Pictures at the beginning of it, you know it is going to be worth spending your money on. Some of the biggest movies of the year 2019 were produced by them. When it comes to the competition, you know that in 2020, they will try to achieve even higher heights when it comes to their movies. You would expect nothing less because Sony Pictures owns the company. They are part of that big brand and you know when it comes to Sony, they have been around for the longest time and you know they would produce quality movies to promote their brand.

One of the things that can guarantee you a good show is you would know that movies produced by big movie companies have a high budget. It does not mean that having a high budget would translate into good movies. However, they also hire the best directors and actors to work on these movies and as an end result, the movie becomes a blockbuster hit.

There are some movies that did not make it. Not every movie became a hit. The thing is, even though the movie did not become a hit or a blockbuster hit, the quality itself on how the movie was made is worth enough to spend your money on. As consumers, we tend to ensure that we are getting our money’s worth. If you know that a big movie company spent that huge amount of money for a certain movie, you would have the expectation that it would definitely be good enough to spend your money on it. Watch it at a movie theatre in order to get the real experience out of it.